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Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift Fitness (PSF) Exercise Classes

The group sessions that we have are on Saturdays at 9am-10am and the cost for the session is $1000.00. The minimum per group is 5 individuals, so if residents are interested, they can form their groups and notify me of the time/day and arrangements will be made to facilitate them.

All new clients are required to do assessments and that is a one time cost of $1500.00. Assessments are important in helping to deliver the best training program for our clients at Paradigm Shift. Residents can also feel free to contact me about having “one on one” sessions. I also offer Massage Therapy, Injury Care, Treatment and Prevention and have obtained my qualifications at the University of Technology, Jamaica where I completed my Bachelors of Science

in Athletic Training. I really look forward to helping you all.